Monday, January 27, 2014

Back again....

I've been extremely careful about posting here...or, for that matter advertising to anybody that I am posting here because I am in the public eye A LOT and don't want to give my political opponents any more ammunition than necessary to compete with me.  So I've been a bit cautious.

What prompted me to post today was the sight of three consecutive posts on facebook reporting quotes from three conservative Presidential Candidate Wannabes that seemed so far off-the-charts radical that I couldn't believe any serious candidate for national political office would publicly speak such nonsense...nevertheless, there they were, and here: and here:

So I had to stop and evaluate that for a few minutes.  To whom are these guys speaking?  Exactly who...or maybe more precisely, what segment of American Society are they appealing to? 

...and....assuming there is a political market for this kind of crazed rhetoric, what does this say about our county?

No definitive answers at the moment...just questions.